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By Toronto Machine Learning Society (TMLS)

Machine Learning in Production

A Uniquely Interactive Experience

Why MLOps Production & Engineering?

Too few companies have effective AI leaders or an effective AI strategy.

An interactive conference is one in which you meet attendees before the event, message speakers directly, discuss specific areas of your work and establish a stronger network. We’re working to help you gain a clearer understanding of best practices, methodologies, and principles of effective ML.

The micro-summit includes:

  • 6 speakers
  • Access 3 hours of live-streamed content (incl. recordings)
  • Talks for beginners/intermediate & advanced
  • Case Studies, Executive Track – Business Alignment & Advanced Technical Research
  • Q+A with speakers
  • ML in production workshops
  • Channels to share your work with community


Join this new initiative to help push the AI community forward.

We’re Hosting

Breakout Sessions

(All Levels)

Discussion Groups
Virtual Platform

Past Speakers

Benedikt Koller

Benedikt Koller

CTO, maiot GmbH
Talk: ML in Production: We’ve Been Here Before

Sandro Mund

Sandro Mund

Student, Porsche AG
Talk: Best Practices and Lessons Learned: Machine Learning Model Management

Sheila Beladinejad

Sheila Beladinejad

CEO, Strategist, Technology Consultant, Germany Ambassador, O Canada Tech
Talk: Open-Source Usage Best Practices

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