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Join 1,000+ Data Practitioners on this Open Exploration.

Come meet Company Specialist and Open Source Contributors on:

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How Does it Work?

The ML Tooling landscape can be overwhelming. Come make new connections, learn from the experience of others and share your experience. Our goal is for you to get a deeper understanding of what is out there, and what may be of interest to you based on the needs of your ML initiatives.

On hand will be people working through various projects, some with deep experience who you’ll have an opportunity to connect with.

We’ll have various slotted times between June 7-11. The schedule and links will be provided.

  • You can drop in the company’s sessions anytime during the allocated time.
  • Each session will help you better understand the tooling by way of a demo/Q&A with specialists. You can ask questions/share with others with similar interests.
  • Move around the space freely, Chat in small or large groups, or simply watch the host session present. The platform is very unique!
  • We will also give the presenters the opportunity to reach out for 1-1 meetings.
Because of the interactive, fluid nature it will not be recorded.
Once you register you will get access to the platform and schedule
This will be hosted on a dynamic platform with curated/lightly moderated round table discussion. There will be options to create and name spots for group conversations or have private messages, and 1-1 video discussion. You can move around the space freely, chat in small or large groups, or simply watch.
Participants will be working to some degree with ML models, either in production environments, or striving towards deployment.

The MLOps World Community, & Conference Committee (see Who We Are Section)

No. This is a dynamic platform with curated/lightly moderated round table discussion; Create and name spots for group conversations or have private messages, and 1-1 video discussion. Move around the space freely, Chat in small or large groups, or simply watch.
  • Emoticon; Send an emoticon to one person, or your whole group.
  • Free movement; Move around the space freely, just like in real life
  • Easy group conversations; Chat in small or large groups, up to 16 people

No, the Conference proceedings are taking place June 14-17 and you can register here: Sign up

First – Sign up here!

You’ll get an email invitation for Slack and the invitations for the Workshops/Conference sessions. You’ll begin meeting folks quickly!

No, this is actually for all those working with and interested in Machine Learning. We highlight top thought leaders globally, and our group consists on people from around the world. If you miss anything, video recordings will be provided.
Anyone with an understanding of machine learning, and passion for exploring the methods for successfully implementing Machine Learning projects! Also, for those on the strategy/business side, we’ll have a talk track to better understand the non-technical considerations, with open discussions.
Yes, we can provide this upon request.
Laptop or personal computer, and a strong, reliable wifi connection. Google Chrome is recommended to run the Virtual Conference platform.
Yes, the Virtual Conference is accessible via a smartphone or tablet.
All sessions will be recorded during the event (provided speaker permissions) and will be made available to attendees approximately 2-4 weeks after the event and be available for 12 months after release.
Tickets are refundable up to 30 days before the event.

The event will have three tracks: One for Business, one for Advanced Practitioners/Researchers and one for applied use-cases (Focusing on various Industries). Business Executives, PhD researchers, Engineers and Practitioners ranging from Beginner to Advanced. See Attendee Demographics and a list of the Attendee Titles from our past event here.

No, we do our best to ensure attendees are not inundated with messages, We allow attendees to stay in contact through our slack channel and follow-up monthly socials.

Yes, there will be spaces for company displays. You can inquire at