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By Toronto Machine Learning Society (TMLS)

Call for Speakers

4th Annual MLOps World Conference on Machine Learning in Production’s Call for Speakers

Our community consists of over 15,000 members exploring best practices, methods, and principles around ML/AI in production environments. See Who Attends

As a Speaker at MLOps World, you will help share knowledge that propels and inspired others to work responsibly, effectively, and efficiently across various domains.

Why MLOps?

This initiative is created to help establish a clearer understanding of the best practices, methodologies, principles around ML/AI experimentation and deployment. Throughout 2 days you’ll have an opportunity to make connections that last a lifetime while building your network of entrepreneurs, practitioners, & scientists dedicated to sharing real-world use-cases.

Submit to speak at this open exploration that includes conference proceedings, hands-on workshops, tooling & Open Source demos, a Career fair week and more.

A must-attend 2 days event or anyone working with ML/AI!

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