A Uniquely Interactive Experience

Why MLOps Production & Engineering?

Too few companies have effective AI leaders or an effective AI strategy.

An interactive conference is one in which you meet attendees before the event, message speakers directly, discuss specific areas of your work and establish a stronger network. We’re working to help you with a clearer understanding of best practices, methodologies, and principles of effective ML.

The micro-summit includes:

  • 8 Speakers
  • Access 8+ hours of live-streamed content (incl. recordings)
  • Talks for beginners/intermediate & advanced
  • Channels to share your work with the community

Join this new initiative to help push the AI community forward.

We’re Hosting

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Razi Bayati

Vancouver Chapter Chair, MLOps World: Machine Learning in Production


Ken Conroy

VP of Data Science, Finn AI

Talk: How A Data-Centric Approach to ML led Finn to World-Leading Conversational AI for Banking

Stella Wu

Head of Machine Learning, Shakudo

Talk: AutoML and MLOps

Vered Shwartz

Assistant Professor, UBC Computer Science

Talk: Recent Breakthroughs and Uphill Battles in Modern Natural Language Processing

Zaid Haddad
Data Scientist Leader, Slalom

Talk: Machine Learning Operations

Yaser Khalighi
Founder and CEO, SceneBox

Talk: Software 2.0 and Data-Centric AI

Toren Huntley

Senior Data Scientist, Atreides

Talk: A Data First Approach

Mohammad Ghodratigohar

Data Scientist and AI Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

Talk: Responsible MLOps
Amir Abdi

Senior Research Engineer / Research Team Lead, Borealis AI

Talk: Monitoring AI Fairness

Greg Loughnane

Lead Instructor, MLOps, FourthBrain / Product Manager, Career Coach, FactoryFix

Talk: Business-Value Best Practices for MLOps: Building Data Science into Digital Products


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