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Machine Learning in Production
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A Uniquely Interactive Experience

Why MLOps Production & Engineering?

Too few companies have effective AI leaders or an effective AI strategy.

An interactive virtual conference is one in which you meet attendees before the event, message speakers directly, discuss specific areas of your work and establish a stronger network. We’re working to help you with a clearer understanding of best practices, methodologies, and principles of effective ML.

The free virtual micro-summit includes:

  • Special focus on Computer Vision
  • 8 Speakers
  • 3 Workshops
  • In-person pub gathering on Oct 13th, 2022


Join this initiative to help push the ML community forward.

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Past Event Chair

James Le

Data Advocate / Partnerships Lead, SuperbAI

Past Speakers

Amir Servi

Head of Product, Superwise
Talk: A Guide to Multi-Tenancy Architectures in ML

Raymond Reed

Customer Success Data Scientist, WhyLabs
Talk: Monitoring CV Systems: A Unique Solution to A Unique Problem

Nikita Demir

Founding Engineer, Galileo
Talk: Common ML Data Issues in Public Datasets

Yaoshiang Ho

Head of Product, Masterful AI
Talk: Practical Approaches to Computer Vision

Thaddeus Fortenberry

Senior Principal Computer Architect, Tenstorrent
Talk: The Exciting Evolution of MLOps

Rolando Garcia

PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley
Talk: Operationalizing Machine Learning: An Interview Study

Daniel Siryakov

Product Manager, Comet
Talk: Multiply Your Image Search & Testing Capabilities using Comet

Alex Kim ML Engineer, Iterative Best MLOps Practices for Building End-to-End Deep Learning Projects

Alex Kim

MLOps Solutions Engineer, Iterative
Talk: Machine Learning Experimentation with DVC and VS Code

Jimmy Whitaker

Chief Scientist of AI, Pachyderm
Talk: Rethinking ML Development – A Data-Centric Approach

Past Workshop Facilitators

Amber Roberts

Machine Learning Engineer, Arize AI
Workshop: Troubleshooting your ML Models in Production

Eddie Esquivel

Senior Solutions Architect, Tecton
Workshop: Building a Movie Recommendation System on Tecton with Snowflake

Gustaf Cavanaugh

Field Team, ContinualAI
Workshop: Beginner’s Guide to Operational ML with Python for Snowpark

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